Meet our Team

We're delighted to be joined this year by Sam, a highly experienced cycle mechanic who runs his own mobile workshop called Bikanic. 

Sam and his van will be with us all the way from London to Bruges. He's also providing support for our London to Paris Cycle Challenge later this year, over the August Bank Holiday weekend.

Sam will have the most common spare parts available in his van; if your bike needs anything "special" then please bring if with you, fully labelled, and it can travel in the van in case you need it!! Sam's services are free of charge and included within your participation fee - you just pay him for any spare parts that your bike needs!!

Also joining us will a a group of Pathfinder cyclists. These are experienced cyclists who will have ridden the route in advance - many of them have done previous STUBS London to Paris rides too.

Their job is to send you in the right direction, to help stragglers, and to stay with anyone whose bike needs repair until Sam arrives. If you'd like to be a Pathfinder, then please contact us.

Day to day event control will be provided by STUBS founders Jan and Craig Vassie using a Grand Voyager support car. The car carries all the drinks and snacks for the riders, as well as the emergency medical kit.

The car can also provide a power source for recharging mobiles etc. Fully equipped with a laptop and mobile communications, the vehicle will also be our media base, broadcasting event progress on Facebook and Twitter, and updating the STUBS web site on the move!!